Who Is This Site For?

Only The Beat is a dance music blog that allows you to step away from mainstream commercialized music in order to discover new electronic dance music and read thought-provoking articles that apply to our community of educated dance music enthusiasts.

This is a blog for music lovers who want to help shape the future of the music industry. This is a blog for music lovers who know that better music exists, and they’re determined to find it.

This is a site for people who truly care about what they’re listening to.

What We Do

Only The Beat is an online resource for dance music fans with original and curated content. We dig through all of the Beatport charts, Soundcloud pages, and Podcasts from your favorite artists to hand-pick the best electronic dance music tracks and deliver them right to your ears.

“Our goal is to make music discovery easy. Introducing you to an eclectic  blend of dance music that has the power to change your mood, your day, even your life. Music that makes you feel.”

OTB’s here to guide you through the clutter and chaos of the internet in order to provide you with exactly what you want: Life changing music. Because that’s what this is all about, the music, and we couldn’t imagine living without it.