Behind the Beat: SR Serge and the Sullivan Room

I don’t usually get to do an interview over brunch, much less a place that my “just a bit too pretentious” foodie sensibilities would agree with. I sat in Jackson’s […]

Will OB’s Latest Remix Is Pure ‘Gold’

Nashville and New York are colliding on a remix of vocalist LAW’s track “Gold.” LAW, a Nashville-based vocalist who came from a background of country and Americana music, reached out to […]

Boat Trippin’ in NYC with SOUP x RVDIOVCTIVE

SOUP and RVDIOVCTIVE hit the high seas yet again in the latest installment of Boat Trippin’, planning to set sail this Saturday, July 22, 2017.  Heading out from Manhattan’s Pier […]

Behind the Beat: HWLS

It’s been months since fans have first heard hints of HWLS‘ new five-track EP simply, and rather directly, known as EP02. Coming from Future Classic, the iconic Australian label behind […]

Behind the Beat: Matt Lange

Matt Lange’s dark and heavy techno tracks took me at a time in my life where dark and heavy seemed to sum everything up. Rather than my usual Skrillex-esque preferences, […]

Charles Meyer Drops Litmus EP Alongside New Mix

Charles Meyer, the artist formerly known as Eelrack (if only he had a cool little symbol right?), just dropped his Litmus EP. His first release after re-branding himself, Meyer delivers […]

Behind the Beat: Destructo

It’s not every day that you get to have a word with Gary Richards. As the founder of HARD Events, the mind behind Holy Ship! and a litany of other […]

RVDIOVCTIVE Celebrates Five Years at Miami Music Week

#followthefish is the hashtag emerging from the raucous Miami Music Week activities cluttering my newsfeed as the RVDIOVCTIVE crew makes their way towards Miami for yet another year of unforgettable parties with some […]