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EDX has been DJing and producing top electronic tracks for over 25 years. The Swiss native got his start in the European rave scene in the 90’s and now plays sold-out shows across the globe and at festivals of over 60,000 people. EDX is a curator of sound with his No Xcuses radio show, which launched in 2011 on SIRIUS XM’s Electric Area Channel.

We had the opportunity to go ‘Behind the Beat’ when he stopped by Soundcheck in the heart of Washington, D.C. this past September.

Only The Beat: Take us back to where it all started. When and where was your first official gig?

EDX: It is hard to remember one specific moment. You know as a DJ you develop a lot and your first steps might be in your home in your room or a friends house. It is really hard to say “this was my first official gig”, but there were are a few moments that I recall. I played a show back in ’92 in a club a little bit outside of my hometown in Zurich. I would consider that my first gig in a solid venue with good DJs and a sold-out crowd.

OTB: Thus far who has been the most inspirational in your career? Who has pushed you forward?

EDX: There were different chapters of people who have been inspirational. When everything started when I became a DJ, artists like Carl Cox or DJ Hype or anyone that has really been DJing after 25 years were the people that I really liked. These people were producing a blend of progressive and trance, which was really big back then.

OTB: If you had to pick another career, what would it be?

EDX: I am pretty happy with my journey so far (haha). I am not only working as a DJ, but running a record label, artist management company, and helping other talents achieve their dreams and guide them. I have no idea. Maybe I would have been a pilot? I am now flying more than a pilot. After I turned 20, I was kinda looking at being a lawyer. I am also helping out people with advice kinda like a lawyer.

OTB: What is your favorite track that you produced so far?

EDX: That is a question that I can’t really answer. I have been producing so many records. When I look at my statistics on Spotify insights, I have produced more than 200 songs without remixes counted. I always really liked the track ‘Casa Grande‘, which I produced in about 2008. From the newer ones, I really like Breathin’. It is really hard to say though what my favorite tracks are though. I would say my opinion would change right after the interview (haha). ‘Casa Grande’ is definitely one of the top tracks now that it is 10-years-old and still one of my favorites.

OTB: One of your recent tracks ‘We Can’t Give it Up’. Can you tell us a little bit about this track in particular?

EDX: I have been releasing a lot of tracks lately. Some were produced this year and some were produced last year. I managed to release them in a good order. We started the year with Dharma and then went to ‘All I Know‘, which is a little more house-y, bass drum track. We got amazing feedback. We also had ‘Feel the Rush‘, which is a little more typical EDX feel good track and many other tracks that followed. ‘We Can’t Give it Up’ is an instrumental track that I had in my computer for a few months and I wanted to do something that really sounded like EDX. It was more progressive and little more club and less radio. But, I then met the singer Tom Gregory and we co-wrote the track together. Yes, now we have the track, which is very personal track. The lyrics are personal. I am really looking forward to seeing where it goes. The feedback has already been positive.

EDX- We Can’t Give Up

OTB: Your weekly No Xcuses show is currently on Episode 340. Has your style changed at all since the first one?

EDX: It has been organic growth and evolution in the music scene. Music has changed. I have gotten more experienced and worked towards my sound. Now, it is a little bit slower more sexy, from when I started No Xcuses.

OTB: You have produced a lot of music on Spinnin’ Records. The label was recently purchased by Warner Music Group. What do you think this will mean for dance music?

EDX: Warner Music has bought a lot of companies of the past few years. The have sold some companies. We will see what will happen. The same team will be working hard at Spinnin’. It is a team that I have been working with for nearly 20 years. We have a relationship that goes really far back. There could be new opportunities with this type of merger where we could promote more artists in the future. It is interesting because both companies will bring their experience and networks together to produce the best out of their artists. They also bought Music All Stars, which is the management company. This bringing together something on a 360 degree level. Spinnin’ is a great company that has been part of the history of dance music.

OTB: What advice do you have for aspiring DJs and producers?

EDX: It is very important to work out your own type of music. Once you feel that this is music that you like, make sure you try to max it out and make it better. Never try to be a follower and try to imitate Calvin Harris or Avicii or Kygo, make something that everyone else wants to sound like you. You will then have a big chance to make it.

OTB: What can we expect in the near future? Any major shows and collaborations?

EDX: There will be a few more tracks this year. Then we are going to start working on 2018. Trying to max touring and figure out if we can add some live elements and make it something special. It has been 25 years and I am on the road all over the world. Last week, I was in the Middle East and played in Bahrain, Switzerland, and then I have two weekends here in the U.S., then I will be back to Asia. I will always try to mix it up and make sure that I am working on music between touring.

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