D.C.’s Alejandra Talks Producing, Premieres First Original Track “Deep Like U”

Back in March, I finished up interviewing Throttle and was listening to Oliver Helden’s set when I was approached by the closing act for the show, Alejandra Santana. Alejandra and I chatted briefly about everything from American politics to the top dance music artists and tracks, and we decided to do a follow-up interview. Alejandra is originally from the Canary Islands (Spain), but is now a DJ and producer that travels between Washington, D.C and NYC. She started her DJing career while attending American University and is a resident at D.C. clubs Heist and Capitale. She has enjoyed sharing decks with international artists such as Oliver Heldens, Ruby Rose, 3LAU, Helena, Amtrac and Danny Avila. Alejandra also owns events management company, Midnight Rebels. We are excited to premiere Alejandra’s first original track ”Deep Like U,” which she describes as ”definitely sexy, yet emotional and intense in a subtle way”.

Alejandra – Deep Like U

Only The Beat: Tell us a little about yourself. How did you get involved in DJing and producing?

Alejandra: I’ve always been into music, I was that girl with my earphones always on growing up. I grew up in the Canary islands surrounded with Latin sounds and House Music. I started Djing because I was dating a girl my freshman year and she broke up with me, so I decided that I had to find something that was really only up to me. Given my passion for music, I decided to give DJing a try. Once I set my mind to it, everything fell into place, I met the right people and had some great mentors along the way. No one can take my passion for music away.

OTB: Describe your style and genre of music.

Alejandra: My dominant genre would be House. I like the clash between the emotional and the intense and deep. I am also really into strings and deep bass. I am also a fairly new producer still trying to further define my style. My new track ‘Deep Like U’ gives you a flavor of my current style.

OTB: Where is your favorite venue to perform?

Alejandra: I frequently play in both NYC and in Washington, D.C. In D.C. my favorite venue is definitely Echostage, because of the intense feeling of 3,000 people listening to your music. In NYC, I really like GoodRoom because of the amazing sound system.

OTB: What artists influence your style and who do you follow in the music industry?

Alejandra: I follow many different artists and draw upon a lot of different styles. I follow EDX because of the subtle intensity of his sound and Above & Beyond because of how beautifully each of their tracks are composed.

OTB:What is a personal milestone in your DJ/producing career so far?

Alejandra: Back in January of this year, I had the opportunity to do a back to back set with Amtrac and Hotel Garuda at Soundcheck in Washington, D.C., which was a great experience. I also had the opportunity to play at a Ruby Rose show and an Oliver Heldens show, which were both great experiences as well.

OTB: Name your top three dance music tracks of all time.


  1. Above & Beyond ft. Zoe Johnston- Love is Not Enough
  2. Dirty South & Michael Brun – The Rift
  3. EDX – Breathin

OTB: I’ve spoken with other DJs and producers about the integration of live instruments during DJ sets in addition to other trends in dance music. Where do you think the industry is moving and what do you think the next big thing will be?

Alejandra: I think that you will see more of an effort to add a physical element to add to the experience of attending a show. People have been talking about different bass augmentation devices like a vest where you actually feel the bass at a show. I think you will see more of an effort to add in elements like this to make the show a fuller experience.

OTB: Outside of Djing, what are your other interests or hobbies?

Alejandra: I love creating things, so my most recent hobby is graphic design.

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