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Backstage at Defected Croatia, I ended up chatting with a lovely woman and trading shirts with her. No, not because of any sexy antics, but rather she was wearing a Traxsource shirt and I had on a Defected shirt she wanted. From there we struck up a conversation about all things talked about between two music-obsessives. Not only is Ysanne Reid a fan of good underground, but she has made it a career. Reid is the marketing manager for Traxsource, an online underground music store with a loyal following.

Only The Beat: We met in Croatia, and you told me that you come from a family deep in the house/electronic music scene. Tell me more about that.

Ysanne Reid: The dance music roots go deep. Both my parents were involved in the scene from the early ‘90s…my dad was a DJ and ran Skint/Loaded records back in the day. My mum was a rare groove DJ who ran the famous nightclub down in Brighton called the Savannah…the traditional boy-meets-girl love story. So I grew up pretty much immersed in the scene. My family holidays were to Glastonbury and Ibiza or on tour, and there’s photos of me in DJ booths as a baby. My dad refused to pay DJs to play my birthday parties as a kid so I had the famous DJs from his label DJing to me and my 7 -year-old mates in the garden instead. They did not take requests.

I once did a talk at school about my weekend and did it on the latest Fatboy Slim album and gave my teacher a free copy of the album and all the kids in my class stickers that said ‘Fatboy Slim is F***ing in Heaven’. It was a pretty weird childhood actually.


Ysanne with her brother and Norm Cook a.k.a. Fatboy Slim

OTB: You mentioned when we met a bit of a talent for predicting future hits/talent. Who are four artists we should watch for in the next few months?


YR: Florian Busse has a mad EP landing this month on Connected (Terranova and Stereo MCs label) called ‘Wolves’ – look out for the track “TATA,” it’s a proper late-night dance floor weapon.

Danvers…following on from ‘Terrell,’ which was a massive summer anthem on Fina White, he’s got a new EP out now on Ben Gomori’s Monologues label. It’s funky stuff. I love his sound, and people should be playing his records for a long time.

One of my pals Hammer is going to be hitting Optimo hard with his new EP, look out for this one! The track ‘Stripes’…”I can see your tiger striiiiipes.” You’ve probably heard it in the club.

HOST are an awesome production/songwriting duo being looked after by Involved, who manage Dusky. They’ve just dropped an EP on Domain – ‘I Wanna Be Your Friend’ is the main cut. I like what they’re up to and it’s an interesting dynamic. Keep an eye on them for sure.

OTB:  Tell us about your role and routine at Traxsource.

Ysanne Reid:  My role involves managing our marketing department’s efforts; devising and executing our strategy to push the brand forward with strategic partnerships; press and events and help our artist; and label partners push their music on our platform.

I wouldn’t really say I have a daily routine, as I’m across a lot of different things in my role – every day is different. Last week involved everything from meetings with label partners about release strategies, strategies for our brand, and attending a few parties. And mostly listening to a lot of new music.

OTB:  What was your career route to get to where you are today?

Ysanne Reid:  Fingers in a lot of pies. I learned a lot about the industry in general by starting out in licensing/sync, it helped me get to grips with the deals our industry is built on and how the recording and publishing sides of the industry work. From there I worked in marketing/A&R at independent dance labels, including Champion Records where I was working on Kerri Chandler’s Madtech Records imprint, working with artists like Josh Butler, Kalyde, No Artificial Colours, Ben Mono, Illyus & Barrientos, Cera Alba, and Voyeur.

I spent some time doing marketing and press for a nightclub in East London where parties like FUSE, Feast, and Secretsundaze all began. I’ve managed electronic music acts and now I’ve landed here at Traxsource.

OTB: What electronic music destinations are your top-rated? It could be a space, a party, or an overall city.

Ysanne Reid: I grew up in Brighton in the very south of the U.K., which always has a thriving music scene for both electronic music and bands. When I was growing up, it was home to parties like Minimal Kids and so many great clubs under the arches on the seafront like Digital. And of course I’m lucky enough to live in London now, which has just about got some clubs left.

Glastonbury Festival here in the U.K. is amazing – the dance area, Shangri-La, is really something to be experienced. I celebrated my birthday there this year. The strangest things happen in those fields.

I went to university in a city called Leeds here in the north of England and that’s a city just packed full of students and the nightlife is incredible. Lots of fresh talent came out of there around the time I was studying there – Miguel Campbell, Josh Butler, Voyeur, Hot Since 82, Jhonsson, Matt Fear…the list goes on. The clubs up there were something else. I would thoroughly recommend the infamous MINT club, Beaverworks, Canal Mills, and a really weird venue called Stinky’s Peephouse that feels like a giant trippy house party.

Also I seem to have followed the Defected crew round to a lot of events this past year…Defected Croatia, their events here in London at Ministry of Sound, their Glitterbox parties. Those guys can throw a serious party!

OTB: What place or event have you not been to that is at the top of the list with regards to the underground scene?

Ysanne Reid: We’re heading up to Sub Club in Glasgow early next year, according to all the Glaswegians I know that’s the place to be. Giving that a go, as Glaswegians know how to party.

Other than that, I’ve yet to do Berlin or Burning Man.

OTB: What is your favorite thing about your position at Traxsource?

Ysanne Reid: We all work completely remotely, which is really cool, so our hours are flexible. We can work from wherever we want and my colleagues are from all over the world and completely immersed in their own local dance music scenes. So whilst I’m tight with a lot of London-based DJs and labels, we’ve got the others based in Berlin or Miami, etc. Also everyone is a DJ, which is awesome. I get to talk about music all day, every day.

OTB: What is the most challenging thing about the position?

Ysanne Reid: I manage a marketing team that operates across different time zones, which is a bit like playing catch, only someone’s asleep.

OTB: What are your party necessities?

Ysanne Reid:  Milk Thistle (before), a spin of ‘Finally’ by Kings of Tomorrow (during), Berocca and a bacon sandwich (after).

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