Are you new to DJing? Or perhaps you want to take your DJing career to another level and secure, not only better DJ gigs but higher paying DJ gigs you be proud of. Only The Beat brings you this collection of articles found around the web to help you on your way.

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Chapter 1: Gig Getting Strategies
Chapter 2: How Much To Charge For DJ gigs
Chapter 3: How To Prepare For Your DJ gigs
Chapter 4: Where Else Can You Get a Gig?
Chapter 5: During the Gig
Chapter 6: Guide to Making More Money with your DJing
BONUS CHAPTER: DJ Booking Agents Guide

Chapter 1: Gig Getting Strategies

Whether you are a new DJ or new to using DJ gig getting strategies effectively, these 8 resources will be a huge help. This should give you a wonderful springboard to getting those DJ gigs you deserve.

Social Networking for Deejays

How to Get a Good DJ Residency | Vibronik

What a DJ Should Know to Find Gigs | Flore Music

Breaking Into the Scene: How to Get Gigs | DJ Marketing 101

Get DJ Gigs | Challands

[Infographic] Ways To Power Up Your DJ Gig Getting Skills

Getting Booked in an ADHD World | Gig Turn

Getting More DJ Gigs | Gig Turn

Why You’re Not Getting DJ Bookings and What to Do About it | DJ Tech Tools

Hustling DJ Gigs When Noone Wants to Book You | Nick Hook

Hey Girl, Don’t forget the 5 Stupid Ways on NOT to get a Gig | Casie Lane

Getting Your First Gig | Spin Academy


Chapter 2: How Much to Charge for a DJ Gig?

Once you know how to get a gig and how it works, these 7 resources will show you how to charge the right way. You will learn what other DJs do and how to get your worth. Additionally, you will learn to avoid being the most important thing that hurts all DJs… the undercutter.

What a DJ Making 1k a DJ Gig Knows That You Don’t 

Tips in Avoiding The Shady Booking | Sista Stroke

What to Charge for Gigs | DJ Invisiboy

20 Tips for Creating Venue Contracts and Agreements | DJ Marketing 101

5 Alarm Bell Phrases Every DJ Should Avoid | Paul Velocity

The Curse of Cheap DJ | DJ Craig

The Rise of the £50 DJ: Those Who Undercut | The Frustrated DJ

Who is to Blame for Undercutting? The DJ or the Promoter? | DJ Service Pack

I’m a DJ, NOT a Promoter | Paul Velocity


Chapter 3: How to prepare for your DJ gigs

So you know how to get the gigs, you know what to charge your worth for these awesome gigs but your still a teeny bit nervous and need to prepare. Here are 7 resources that show you how to prepare for your DJ gigs.

Before, During & After Gigs | DJ Tech Tools

How to Prepare for DJ Gigs | Just Go Music

DJ Essentials: Gig Bag Checklist | DJ Tech Tools

11 Essential Items of DJ Kit I take with me to Every Gig | Paul Velocity

9 Cool Things You Never Thought About Keeping in Your DJ Bag | Passionate DJ

How to Use Psychology to Make You a Better DJ | Nightlife Media Labs

5 Essential Tips For Preparing Your DJ Set | Spin Academy


Chapter 4: Where Else can You Get a Gig?

One Mistake Rookie DJs Should Avoid To Get DJ Gigs

How To Get a Promoter To Listen To Your Demo Mix

How to Get Gigs in Unlikely Places | DJ Tech Tools

Creating Your Own DJ Gigs in Alternative Spaces | Hypebot

Why I love Playing Lounge Gigs | Passionate DJ


Chapter 5: During The DJ gig

Here is where several DJs talk specifics in what to do during your DJ gig. You will learn from others’ mistakes and figure out how to set up your music selections. Additionally, you will learn how to deal with non-technical issues like DJ requests to ensure your gigs run smoothly.

Your First DJ Gig: What You Need To Remember | Robert Rio

7 DJ Mistakes I Made at My First Gig | Tim Lorcas

9 Tips for Success at Your First DJ Gig | Digital DJ Tips

The Value of Showing Up Early | Passionate DJ

Club DJs: Why Structure Matters | Passionate DJ

It’s All About Music Selection | Gigturn

Do’s & Don’ts of a Resident DJ | Do Androids Dance?

Smart Track Selection | Gigsby

8 Surprising Reasons Why Your Crowd Isn’t Dancing | Passionate DJ

5 Types of Idiots That Request Songs | Motion Select

13 Tips on How to Deal with DJ Requests | Motion Select

Picking Music For Your DJ Sets | Spin Academy


Chapter 6: The Ultimate Guide to Making More Money with Your DJing

How to Make a Living in Electronic Music Business | Dubspot

5 Ways to Make Extra Money as a DJ |Digital DJ Tips

DJs Make more Money: Over 70 Methods to Monitize your DJing | Christine Rage

10 Steps to booking a DJ | Do Droids Dance?


BONUS CHAPTER: DJ Booking Agents Guide

Once you learn all the tips and strategies of getting DJ Gigs, DJ promotion and marketing, then you ready for the next step. Here are some real world examples of how DJ booking agencies work and what benefits DJs get from them.

How to Get Signed to a Top DJ Booking Agency | Just Go Music

The DJ Booking Industry: An Insider’s Perspective | DJ Broadcast

Building a DJ Team | DJ Tech Tools

Who’s Who in Music Industry Part 4: Booking Agents| Transmit Promo

The DJ Agency Scam | Mixmag