#TBT Flashback – Bassnectar

This week, I want to take a minute and #TBT to my favorite song on NVSB, track 14, Flashback – BassnectarBassnectar is one of the longest standing and most respected artists in American electronic dance music. He is the original long hair behind the tables, having been in the game well before most of his contemporaries. He’s sold over 160,000 tickets to his solo shows alone in 2013, and has amassed an epic fan base. His art brazenly oversteps the bounds of contemporary EDM, pulling from a dynamic array of source material, and attracting lovers of all genres, from dubstep to metal, punk rock, hip hop, and all forms of EDM (drum & bass, trip hop, etc.) and beyond. His art is more than just an auditory experience; it serves to evoke all human senses with live shows that feature unparalleled light shows and awe-inspiring visual queues.

Bassnectar could not have described his new collection of tracks any better than when he said,  “How I want NVSB to sound: diverse & eclectic – a throwback to classic styles while looking ahead to the future.”

Flashback was another mega-complex piece of music. It started out with a song he wrote called “Zero Gravity” which he worked on for around three months with several incredible vocalists, and it sounded like a symphony of guitar, piano and sound effects. One thing led to another, and then the guitar parts he played over top of it became this kind of cinematic introduction which he just wanted to let play as instrumental music.

Then there was this old trip hop tune with a vocal sample “I really like it” which he remembered hearing one morning at a full moon party out on the beach in Santa Cruz. That distinct memory of that sample made his brain pop in delicious ways, and he wanted to nod back to that moment (and to the purity of that personal experience with music where it just makes you smile). Bassnectar then described that  the second half of the song was intended to feel as slow motion as possible, but still heavy as fuck. He used a Sylenth patch created by Ummet Ozcan, which was so catchy and lush, and decided to just make the most hyper lush extended outro possible.

This song will take you to another dimension, and makes you appreciate the artists who take the time to challenge your mind and set the stage for new types of sound experiences. I hope you enjoy this track as much as I did, happy listening my friends!




Our resident Dubstep Queen, Sophia resides in San Francisco where she likes to keep things as bass filled as possible.
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