Get Hype with Excision’s Shambhala 2015 Mix

If you are a big basshead, like me, September might just be your favorite month. Besides the unfortunate fact that if you are a student, classes have just begun, and it is no longer bikini season, Excision will be dropping the sickest mix of the year. Thats right, it’s Shambhala September!

For those of you who are not familiar, it is never too late to jump on the bandwagon. Canadian dubstep producer Excision, known for his ear bursting (literally) bass, has been releasing a Shambhala Mix every September since 2008. These mixes are usually always around 90 minutes long and feature a compilation of his own work combined with a bunch world renowned DJ’s tracks. Of course the entire mix is of dubstep influence. If you don’t like extremely heavy music, I suggest you have your migraine meds ready if you plan on giving it a listen. It’s quite intense.

Just under two weeks ago, Excision released his 2015 Shambhala Mix. I’m listening to it as I type, and I plan on listening all the way through. Per usual, Excision did not disappoint.

If you fall in love with this mix, you can download it and find the complete track list on Excision’s website. He is currently on tour and scheduled to travel around the nation until New Years Eve. Comment your favorite part in the comments section below!

Dakota Orlando

Dakota Orlando

A tiny girl from Brooklyn with an insatiable craving for heavy bass and good vibes. Currently studies public relations at the University of Miami.
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