You may have heard of the DJ Ansolo, but you definitely haven’t heard him releasing anything under his real name, Ansel Elgort. All that has changed with the release of his debut single ‘Home Alone,’ and it may be the most captivating four minutes you’ve heard in a while. Elgort’s vocals and production make ‘Home Alone’ an easy contender for track of the summer.

Sometime there are certain songs you first listen to and feel that if you listen to it a few more times you may end up liking it. ‘Home Alone’ is not one of those tracks. I really did love it instantly, and was blown away by Elgort’s talent. The track sounds like something from Flux Pavilion, but with the producer’s own original vocals. If you’re familiar with Ansolo, you’ll know his remix to Galantis’ ‘Runaway (U & I),’ but nothing would set you up for this first original. The deep bass-line and stunning voice really makes you feel an instant connection with this track and we couldn’t love it more. His fans are LOVING ‘Home Alone,’ and we’re pretty stoked as well. Elgort may very well become more famous for his musical ability than acting skills, and at only the age of 22 we’re looking forward to what’s in store for his future.

If you want to catch Ansel Elgort in some of his movies you can check out ‘Insurgent,’ ‘Divergent,’ the 2013 remake of ‘Carrie,’ and ‘The Fault In Our Stars.’


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Andrew Tessler

Andrew Tessler

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