3 Lessons Learned from Lightning In a Bottle

Lightning In a Bottle is a mind-blowing festival, without a doubt. Few other festivals can come close with the level of programming, architectural and displayed art, expressive attendees, wealth of […]

Crywolf Opens Up in His Latest EP ‘Skeletons’

Crywolf, otherwise known as Justin Taylor Phillips, has been known to release “post-EDM” era tracks recently released his EP ‘Skeletons’. I’ve listened to Crywolfs new EP close to 20 times now and […]

Are They a Promoter Or Do They Like You?

You met someone out one night- a common enough occurrence. It could have been a party they were throwing, or one of a million others in your larger-sized city. It’s […]

5 Chicago DJ’s To Look Out For In 2017

Last year, I along with some of our other writers made some predictions for 2016. Being relatively new to the music scene, I decided that I’d stay local and write […]

SXM Festival Takes Over Carribean for a Second Year

SXM Festival (SXMusic Festival for 2016’s inception year) brings its hit boutique experience back to the French (Saint-Martin) and Dutch (Sint Maarten) island for 2017. Saint Martin is the smallest inhabited island divided […]

2,360 Miles to SnowGlobe Music Festival

SnowGlobe Music Festival is one of the best festivals out there, but for one it is special in another way. This is the true story of possibly the most ridiculous, sideways, […]