EDM Doesn’t Need a Savior

Saving EDM? 

Electronic music has a way of bringing people together like no other cultural phenomenon I’ve witnessed in my lifetime. With a new wave of fans in recent years, comes a new wave of haters. I’ve seen a lot of blogs lately covering artists that are “saving EDM” from commercialization. Every genre of every type of music, whether it be trance, DnB, downtempo, or hip-hop, has good music and bad music. Sometimes the good gets picked up by the masses and brands catch on, and sometimes it’s the bad.

But what is good and bad really?

It’s all subjective to one’s own ear. I don’t particularly like top 40 music, but that doesn’t disregard the thousands of people to which it does appeal. Music lovers, stop bashing on other people’s likes and dislikes and start sharing what you consider good music with the world! Embrace creativity and share it with those who may not yet have yet discovered an interesting sound that they may come to love. When I first started listening to electronic music, I lived for those big drops. But you know what happened then? My ear progressed, I started doing research and finding artists in a variety of genre’s that I really enjoy. I think Felix Cartal put it best when he said:

With that said, here are a few artists that I consider to be consistently great and innovative through the years:

  • Minnesota

  • Disclosure

  • Phutureprimitive

  • Koan Sound

  • The M Machine

  • Mat Zo




Hannah King

Hannah King

Hannah resides in Seattle, WA, where she is a University of Washington Creative Writing and Italian student. A long time basshead, she recently discovered a love for house music, especially of the deep persuasion, while on a trip to Ibiza. She is also a lover of all things groovy. When she is not listening to or writing about awesome music, you may find her hula hooping all around the city.
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