Are They a Promoter Or Do They Like You?

You met someone out one night- a common enough occurrence. It could have been a party they were throwing, or one of a million others in your larger-sized city.

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and everyone is a hustler. But is it you that is being hustled? Let’s start on the basis that you are attractive enough to get hit on when you are out on the dance floor. Or perhaps you have a great sense of style, or a big group of friends. All attributes that a person may look for in a mate. Or, in a person they’d like to attend a party.

Promoters are generally somewhat charming, love going out, and are smooth talkers. And they do provide benefits that you may not get if you weren’t friends with them. However, its good to identify the exact parameters of your friendship.

If you are new to the club/party scene, here is some guidance, babygirl/boy.  Follow this easy to use flow chart to find out, if in fact, someone likes you Рor if they are a promoter profiting off your presence.



Dawn Runge

Dawn Runge

The cat that curiosity hasn't killed... yet. House music is her gospel. Veteran of dance floors across the world.
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