Uberjak’d Drops New Single ‘Twisted’

Uberjak’d recently dropped a new single ‘Twisted’  on Hussle/ Ministry of Sound Australia and you better listen to it. The track combines bold brass-lines with violin stabs, booming build-ups, and speaker fracturing […]

Ranked: The Best Kaskade Songs

I’ve always been a huge fan of the site Ranker.com, it’s kind of like buzzfeed, but without all of the editorial content and more interactive. We’ve done some really fun […]

Is This Even Music Anymore?

You either hate him or love him. Borgore is definitely a producer with extremely mixed reviews. Some say that he ruined dubstep, while others love his uniquely dirty songs. Just […]

EDM Under Siege?

Is EDM under siege? The increased success of Electronic Dance Music and popularity of large scale festivals has led to several health and public safety concerns. Event sponsors and governmental […]

Be a Real Friend, Take Care of One Another

Regardless of what anyone says or the advice anyone gives, people are, and will continue to do drugs and drink heavily at shows. There is nothing that anyone can say […]