5 Live Sets to Make Your Week Easier

About a week ago, I was perusing 1001tracklists for my sets for the coming school week, and by chance came across several I might have usually missed. It all began listening to Andy Moor’s b2b set with Lange (listed below), which prompted me to explore further into other productions by Moor. After finding out a frequent collaborator of his was none other than Ashley Wallbridge, I looked around for a while till I could find one of his livesets to download. Hungry for more Trance, I remembered that Above & Beyond had featured one of Super8 & Tab’s singles during their ABGT100 set in New York the week before.

I headed over to their page on 1001tracklists to discover that they were the ones featured on the next episode’s guest mix. I had already put off listening to DubVision’s mix for Axtone for a while, so I decided to add that into the mix while I was at it. It was after randomly thinking about other sets to download that I arrived at Fehrplay. I realized that, while I love just about everything he’s put out, I’m not exactly well-versed with him as an artist. More so, this is surprisingly one of the few decent live recordings of him around, but luckily I found this gem of him going back-to-back with fellow Pryda star Jeremy Olander and immediately hit download.

As it was my original goal to find some sweet new Trance to blow me away, most of these sets fall within that general genre, but I put them all together because each one separately moved me in a distinct way, and I believe they’ll do the same for you. Turn up them speakers.

Fehrplay b2b Jeremy Olander@EPIC 2.0 NYC

Pryda’s protegeé’s Jeremy Olander & Fehrplay absolutely dazzle NYC’s Hammerstein Ballroom with their signature productions and PRYDAfam melodies. My personal favorite moment is when they drop Fehrplay’s remix of Prydz’s chart-topping single ‘Every Day.” Enjoy that free download, too!

Ashley Wallbridge – ASOT500, Global Gathering, UK

Sitting down over the weekend figuring out sets to download for the upcoming night, I stumbled upon Ashley Wallbridge while surfing 1001tracklists.com, and after a bit of looking around on Soundcloud and Mixcloud, found his ASOT 550 set from Global Gathering. Wallbridge’s track ‘Keep The Fire’ is one of my favorites, so it didn’t take much convincing to immediately start downloading the set. You can hear the crowd roar as he drops each track, which, when listening to a live Trance set, is exactly what I believe is necessary.


Axtone Presents 002: Dubvision

The guys reflect upon their relatively recent success and recognition, dropping some classics and introducing some of their favorite productions in this new hour-long podcast series from Axtone Records. Plenty of groovy beats as well as those delightful progressive house anthems Dubvision are so famous for.

ABGT 101: Super8 & Tab Guestmix 

If you were watching the livestream for ABGT 100 at New York’s Madison Square Garden, you’ll remember when A&B premiered Super8 & Tab and 7 Skies’s new single, ‘Rubicon.’ Following up the hype, Super8 & Tab took over the following episode’s guestmix, which features a preview of some of the tracks the Finnish duo have been working into their sets, including several new productions from their new album, Unified. 

Andy Moor b2b Lange@FSOE350, Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC

I finally got a chance to listen to this set from Aly & Fila’s Future Sound Of Egypt stop in New York in August, and it’s really something. Between the sound of the crowd and the pulsing beats echoing throughout Hammerstein Ballroom, the 59-minute set is packed with constant energy and melody.

Andy Moor vs Lange – Live @ FSOE 350, Hammerstein Ballroom (New York) – 09-AUG-2014 by Allegromusic on Mixcloud



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