It’s a “Rave Century” with GLOWINTHEDARK & Deorro

GLOWINTHEDARK-DeorroStellar track from GLOWINTHEDARK & Deorro. With both artists combining their strengths into one outlet, “Rave Century” is one epic way for kids who are returning to school to get down.

Who doesn’t like a good year of raveing right? Or even a “Rave Century” haha 🙂 Both GLOWINTHEDARK & Deorro bring something different to the table which is put to the test in their latest single. While the track starts off more electro, things quickly turn into the big room house feel. I personally get a great vibe from the song and see it being used at all the upcoming festivals over Halloween.


Dancing is the name of the game, and sure enough this song has the perfect drop to keep your feet moving. I classify certain music as “rave music,” even though I know that is not a genre, because it has a certain feel that gets you hyped and ready to go. “Rave Century” falls under that classification. During this song I expect there to be sirens, lights, strobes, dancing pandas, and more! No one should be safe when “Rave Century” gets dropped.

Props to Dim Mak Records for releasing this song!

Should GLOWINTHEDARK & Deorro do another track together? Comment below with your thoughts!?

Travis Quick

Travis Quick

Travis Quick graduated from the University of Washington Foster Business School. While his top artists include Madeon, Hardwell and Adventure Club; his true passion is Trap! Travis loves to travel. While on the road, he makes sure to stop by local festivals and shows, however, his heart resides in the Pacific Northwest.
Travis Quick
- 2 weeks ago
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