k?d Starts 2017 with Massive Track ‘Vindicta’

2016 was the year of k?d (read “kid”), having released multiple original tracks along with massive remixes. His debut track “Somewhere Far Away From Here” was a perfect mix of melodic synths, a heavy drumline and soft vocals, similar to that of Porter Robinson’s “Fellow Feeling”.

As if he wasn’t killing it at producing, he released an animation video for his track “Discover” which he generated the drawings. Throughout the year he released multiple remixes, a notable one being a remix of “4 am” by Huntar which was truly reminiscent of a soundtrack for a post apocalyptic film. He shows us that he is not bound to a single style and can truly transform any track he wants. Towards the end of 2016, he surprised his fans by releasing a huge remix of Justice’s “We Are Your Friends” where he elevated the track by adding a dramatic drumline and melody.

Justice – We Are Your Friends (k?d remix)

While 2017 is only just getting started for us, k?d has already released not one but two tracks. He released “Genesis” earlier last week. This track truly takes the listeners on a journey from start to finish, resembling his older work which drew inspiration from Porter Robinson and Madeon.

Now this week he released “Vindicta”, probably his most ruthless track yet. The track dives right into the hard-hitting beat leading us to a drop that is so bass heavy and intense. It gradually progresses into chilly vocals that lends the track its eerie aspect but again he takes us back to the drumline.

In the second drop the tempo picks up while still maintaining that intense bass. Pretty sure my ear drums were still trembling, in the best way possible, after listening to this track. It’s no surprise that REZZ and him have a collaboration in the works. 2017 is definitely going to be the year we find who is k?d.

k?d – Vindicta

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