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What was the last album you bought?

Yes, like actually paid for? Was it Jack U’s debut album? Was it a new EP? Maybe even Above & Beyond’s We Are All We Need? As album sales continue to crumble with singles following close by, music labels and stores continue to frantically struggle to figure out how to win in this industry. One label challenging the idea that the album is dead is Monstercat. The Canadian label continues to grow quickly signing some of the best up and coming artists, releasing single after single worthy of the $0.99 or $1.29 price. You know what’s even better? How about an album for $9.99 containing 30 tracks of the latest and greatest electronic music?

This is Contact.

022 Contact – Monstercat

While I could go through each of the 30 tracks and spend hours and limitless paragraphs on how good this music is, I won’t bore you and instead give you my top 5 favorite tracks of the album. So let’s start with number 5.

5. Stonebank – The Pressure

Starting this top 5 off with a punch, Stonebank brings The Pressure as Monstercat puts drum and bass on the map again with this quick paced track perfect for a late night drive down the highway. This album has a good section of drum and bass including a remix of Excision & Pegboard Nerds “Bring The Madness” along with “Try This” by the Nerds also. If this isn’t quite your speed though continue on to check out my next favorite track.

4. Stephen Walking – The Difference Between Us and The Aliens

Yes, that name is correct, there is a track on this album talking about aliens. Stephen Walking presents us with a sound best described as “EDM” but don’t get me wrong, this is not mainstream. With a poppy 80’s synth melody, Stephen adds in a complex undermelody swirling around the lows and highs making this a perfect summer beat to throw on when you are in need of something groovy.

3. Trivecta – Evaporate (feat. Aloma Steele)

While this may not be what original Trance sounded like, it is definitely where it’s going. Trivecta gives us a look into future Trance (is that a genre yet?) as he combines heavier elements into trance with “Evaporate.” Incorporating some trap bass with the ambient melody, Trivecta whisks you away as Aloma Steele tugs away at your heart with her beautiful vocals. If you haven’t heard of Aloma yet, you might want to catch up with her. She is the future female EDM star. I don’t know about you, but I want to hear more songs like this.

2. Tristam X Karma Fields – Build The Cities (Empire of Sound) (feat. Kerli)

No-one can deny that Karma Fields’ first original “Build The Cities” hit the sweet spot on Monstercat’s label. With a remix pack stuffed with sounds, it’s no surprise a couple of them ended up on Contact. My favorite of the bunch is definitely this Tristam rework. Tristam partnered with Karma Fields to bring us the Empire of Sound remix adding in some new vocals to partner with the originals from Kerli. Not only that, but a huge progressive flip that fits perfectly for the summer season. How is this track not first on the list? Well just look below.

1. Savoy & Sound Remedy – Leaving You / Puppet & The Eden Project – The Fire

I couldn’t choose between these two for number 1 but I couldn’t not put both on the list. These two are just so good. Savoy & Sound Remedy partnered together to create a huge bass tune that combines the best of both artists, the melodic touches from Sound Remedy and the club ready beat from Savoy. Check out my original post about the track, press play and thank me later.

I had to add this one also for the number 1 spot because I just can’t get enough of it. Puppet and The Eden Project (now just EDEN) have quickly become one of my favorite collaborations recently with “Scribble” and now “The Fire.” Building off the original partnership, the two producers create a track for the ages that combines the best of progressive house and trance as they start a fire inside my heart for more of this tune. Check out my post about the track and enjoy listening to it.

Monstercat continues to put out release after release worthy of any price that any music store wants to place. They consistently release massive compilation albums including Altitude, Perspective and now Contact. Currently available from 3 online music stores iTunes, Bandcamp and Google Play for $9.99, you can grab your copy now. 30 songs for $10… I think that’s a good price.

Check out all the songs from the album through the SoundCloud playlist and comment below on which are your favorite songs off the album. Make sure to give Monstercat a follow and like if you haven’t yet and stay tuned for more things from the Canadian label, it’s only getting bigger.

Alex Zimmerman

Alex Zimmerman

Music has always been a passion of mine, being the kid trying to find the latest music to listen to. In college, I was exposed to Emalkay's "When I Look At You" and EDM quickly became my favorite genre. I hope to show people through writing what EDM has done to me and hope I can help people discover the beauty that is EDM.
Alex Zimmerman
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