Monstercat Releases New Album, 024 – Vanguard

Monstercat is back again with its 24th edition of their compilation album, Vanguard. Featuring tracks from Au5, Fractal, Nigel Good, Varien, Pylot, Pegboard Nerds, Mr. FijiWiji and others, if you’ve been a fan of Monstercat’s recent releases, consider this your one stop shop for music.

Monstercat – 024 Vanguard

At Only The Beat, we have featured plenty of these tracks in their own respective posts, which you should definitely check out. I won’t go through each track but here are my top 5 tracks which you should definitely consider purchasing.

5. PYLOT – Blurred Vision

PYLOT continues his mysterious ways in the new track “Blurred Vision.” The 80’s dark synth vibe, 8-bit sounds and a compelling story about the discovery of PYLOT makes this track one of my favorites to date. With three tracks under the belt, the questions remain, who is PYLOT? Where will this story go? When will the next track be released? Only time will tell.

4. WRLD – Little Too Close

WRLD released his Chase It EP about 2 months ago featuring “Little Too Close.” The video game sounds continue with this 17 year old Dutch producer as he gives us driving synths, airy vocals and infectious vibes for us to chill out too. The entire Chase It EP is as good as “Little Too Close” so if you’re enjoying the track, make sure to check out the full EP.

3. Varien – Valkyrie III: Atonement

First off, if you haven’t heard Varien’s other 2 movements in the Valkyrie symphony (yes, I’m calling it a symphony) check them out here: “Valkyrie” and “Valkyrie II: Lacuna.” “Atonement” features Laura Brehm on vocals while Varien gives us a crossover track of Metal and Epic Ambient. Emotional outpouring fills each second of “Atonement” and Varien gives us yet another track that shows off his production skills. Check out his full length album The Ancient & Arcane and give all three Valkyrie’s a listen.

2. Au5 – Guardians/ Atlantis

Austin Collins continues to impress with each new release, garnering two spots on Vanguard with “Guardians” and “Atlantis.” “Atlantis” is a step into the heavy as Au5 combines swirling liquid synths with dubstep growls and a heavy drop that isn’t lacking quality. Austin also incorporates his overarching melodic touches to create a perfect centerpiece for a live set. 3:30 in… pure bliss. “Guardians” brought Fiora into the mix providing vocals over a melodic progressive trance track creating a festival gem.

1. Nigel Good – Space Plus One

Nigel Good is one of the newer artists on the label but it didn’t take long to make a lasting impression. His Space Cadet LP is on repeat on my iPad and should be on yours. While “No Way Back Up” is another amazing track, I couldn’t not talk about “Space Plus One.” This track is a perfect summation of the LP and where Monstercat is going in the future. High quality, unique and infectious fit this track nicely and are perfect adjectives for Monstercat as a whole. Check out my full review of the LP and purchase it now.

Honorable Mentions

It was hard for me to just choose 5, so here are more great tracks off Vanguard. Pegboard Nerds have been releasing fiends recently as they collaborated with Jauz for “Get On Up” and released the Pink Cloud EP to help raise money for breast cancer research. I would highly suggest listening to both. Mr. FijiWiji’s track “Yours Truly” received a remix EP and Aaron Jackson’s remix was highlighted on Vanguard. Karma Fields new track “Skyline” and Grabbitz’s “Ballin’” also are two solid tracks on Vanguard.

Containing countless releases over the past couple months, Vanguard is an excellent purchase for anyone. Sitting at the number 4 spot on the iTunes Dance charts, it’s clear that I’m not the only one enjoying the new album from Monstercat. Purchase 024 – Vanguard now from iTunes, Bandcamp and Google Play and give Monstercat a follow on Twitter and Soundcloud, along with a like on Facebook.

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