You don’t need to leave Brooklyn when seeking out great music. As the dance community evolves here, so do the venues. At the closing of 2016, I found myself on the south side of Brooklyn by Red Hook, in a cozy yet amazing venue ANALOG BKNY. It has been many names throughout the years, catering to different. Previously it was SRB Brooklyn until it closed in 2014, then it was Sankeys Brooklyn for about three weeks until it shut. It has now reopened as Analog with an analog speaker system built by Craig Bernabeu, who has designed the sound systems at popular nightclubs like Stereo in Montreal.

Although it opened about a year ago, in the recent months the management and promoters have begun to attract some pretty great bookings. The night I went the crowd was mixed to reflect the diversity of Brooklyn. And it wasn’t just the typical black dressed hipsters of the Brooklyn techno scene or the bedazzled burners.

The night was headlined by MK along with OMAR S. MK is an innovator in the dance music world, having worked with everyone from Will Smith and Madonna to Kevin Saunderson and Lee Foss. His set was great, especially with the recent release of My Love 4 U feat A*M*E.

As always the night was high energy and a ton of fun. MK attracted diehard fans from all over NYC. There was plenty of room to dance, and the venue doesn’t have a vip section, to allow for an all-inclusive atmosphere. Plus, the two bars on each side of the dance floor allowed for quick refills when needed, the drinks being modestly priced and well poured by friendly bar staff.

Music venues play a very special role in the evolution and gentrification of neighborhoods. After all, these are not just places where we go dance and drink, it’s where we build our communities. With this particular venue being in an industrialized area of Brooklyn, I am very curious and eager to see how the neighborhood will change or not in the next few years. It will be interesting to see if ANALOG is here to stay or will it see the same fate as all the previous tenants. I hope it’s the former. Make sure to check out Analog’s social pages for upcoming events.

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