Tchami Brings His Prophecy Tour to Pittsburgh

When I first stumbled upon Tchami’s SoundCloud I was confused as to why he had church bells ringing at the beginning of his sets. Having seen him perform three times now it comes as no surprise that his sets truly take the listeners on a spiritual journey. When Tchami announced his 32-date tour with fellow ‘Pardon my French’ affiliate Mercer, I was quite surprised that Pittsburgh made the list but I wasn’t complaining. Having released Adieu just two weeks before his show in Pittsburgh I was really stoked to see what he had in store for us.

Tchami – Adieu

On the day of the show my friend and I headed to the venue early so we could catch Mercer’s set but due to some issues with the promotion team we had some complications getting in. It was mildly frustrating considering we had missed more than half of Mercer’s set but Tchami’s management came to the rescue. Finally, after getting into the venue we were able to catch the last 25 minutes of his set. Having seen Mercer before on the ‘Pardon My French Tour’ I was expecting a set very similar to his previous ones, but this was not the case. Mercer played a tech house set which set the tone for the night.

Soon after Mercer got off stage, they started to prepare for Tchami’s set. After a few minutes, Tchami took to the stage and we saw the ‘Prophecy’ production come to life. The stained church windows and alter like stage were the perfect backdrop and pedestal for him. He started his set with the iconic church bells which eventually led into Missing you.

The energy in the room was incredible, the crowd was in sync with the beats and were dancing their hearts out. Since it was a sold-out show it was tight but this didn’t stop people from moving to the bass-heavy house tracks. Tchami did a great job showcasing the releases on his label Confession by playing tracks like ‘Fonky Beat’, ‘Good Girls‘, Wait, ‘Bad Bitches‘ and ‘Diamonds‘ to name a few. He surprised everyone by playing Chris Lake’s ‘Operator’ which truly rang well with the crowd as everyone seemed to have a dance to go along with the track.

In my opinion he did a terrific job at playing a set that truly showed off his artistic talents. Not only did he play his tracks such as SIAW and his hit track Prophecy but he also played some of his older music like ‘Move Your Body’ and ‘Go Deep‘.

Tchami – SIAW

Tchami exceeded the expectations of the crowd by delivering a set that was not only bass heavy but so funky. The energy in the room was incomparable to other shows I’d been to in Pittsburgh with everyone shuffling and dancing the night away. If you do get a chance to catch him on his Prophecy Tour I would highly recommend you go for it. This show felt more intimate and personal when compared to his other tours. 


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