Take a Peek into Euphoria w/ Eliot Lipp’s “Telescope” Visuals

With festival season right around the corner, lineups and new music have been flying out of every nook and cranny of the Internet. Euphoria Music Festival in Austin collaborated with Eliot Lipp to provide a peak into what EMCF strives to be in the new music video for “Telescope.” Check out the video below.

Eliot Lipp – Telescope (feat. Mux Mool)

While the video may be shy of the 2 minute mark, the effect is there as it follows a “Flicker” –esque style adding trippy visuals over the background of beautiful desert landscapes and stargazing worthy nights. While the visuals mesmerize your eyes, Eliot Lipp proves yet again why he continues to be a pioneer in the electronic industry with a beautiful chill tune perfect for the nights during a festival.

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As festival season looms around the corner (Euphoria will be held April 10-12) thousands of fans are poring over their music stores and libraries trying to create that perfect playlist that will emulate the festival they will be attending. Thankfully, Eliot Lipp gave out the track as a free download so that every single one of us can implant this into our next playlist. Cop the tune below.

Eliot Lipp – Telescope (feat. Mux Mool)

The tune fits perfectly with the style that Euphoria is hoping to create at their festival. Taken from their post about the video:

“We believe that happiness is never a destination, but a side effect of the journey. Through live performances, workshops, art and our positive community, experience Euphoria to connect with life’s truest gifts — friends, music, nature, laughter, love — and renew the child-like innocence that we all once had.“

If you haven’t already purchase your tickets now for this must-attend festival happening April 10-12 at Carson Creek Ranch in Austin. Check out Eliot Lipp and Euphoria Music Festival across all social platforms and keep that weekend open, you won’t want to miss this.

Reconnect. Join The Tribe. Experience Euphoria!

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Alex Zimmerman

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