5 Paradiso Sets You Can’t Miss: Part I

Putting together your festival schedule can be hard. The lineup comes out and you zero in on all of these artists that you’re dying to see, and when festival weekend comes around, you inevitably lose track of time, have scheduling conflicts, or are trapped in the middle of the crowd on the other side of the festival grounds.

So here’s the solution: pick five sets you are going to see no matter what and allow the rest to unfold around you. It’s way less stressful, way more spontaneous, and you always end up having the time of your life at a set you never ever intended to see.

Here’s are those sets from some of your Only The Beat staff. What are your can’t miss performances? We want to hear from you! Send us a message with the five sets you’ll definitely be at and a sentence or two on why for each and we might include you in a future post!

Email your suggestions to Erik at ErikTroyerSkoog@gmail.com.

zack 2

Zack Long (Seattle, Washington) – contributing writer for Only The Beat


  1. Galantis – I’ve been listening to them nonstop since their hit “You” came out and I told myself if they ever made it up to the northwest I wouldn’t miss their set for anything.
  2. Skrillex – I’ve never had the chance to actually see him, and I cannot wait to be blown away.
  3. Ilan Bluestone – This one is easy: one of my favorite artists of all time at one of my favorite venues of all time? Wouldn’t miss it for the world.
  4. Alesso – I remember waiting out in the cold back in December 2012, first in line to see Alesso. I was blown away and he has since been one of my all time favorites. At least next time I see him it’ll be nice and warm!
  5. Armin van Buuren – Caught only part of his set at freaknight a few years back. Cannot wait to see the king at the most perfect outdoor venue.



Emily Knopp (Seattle, Washington) – contributing writer for Only The Beat


  1. Armin van Buuren – He’s my fav ever! (check out the story of Emily’s personal encounter with Armin here)
  2. Arty – He killed it at ASOT 550 in San Bernadino back in 2012. Absolutely one of the best sets. You can’t party without Arty!
  3. Green Velvet – He’s a legend and I was working at Q Nightclub when he played so didn’t get to enjoy his set.
  4. John O’Callaghan – He’s amazing!
  5. Ilan Bluestone – I’ve never seen him play before and my friends all say he’s incredible! Can’t wait!

Side note: I’m disappointed that Johnny Monsoon isn’t playing this year, and so are my friends and all his fans!

matty j


Matt Jager (Seattle, Washington) – contributing writer for Only The Beat


  1. Koan Sound – Groundbreaking glitch hop and funk productions is what Koan Sound lives for. Their set’s reflect their innovativeness as artists, and after seeing them twice before, a third time could not come soon enough. They are easily my most anticipated act at Paradiso 2015.
  2. G Jones – Master of bass, G Jones, has one of the most impressive takes on bass music today with his signature experimental bass and beats. His live sets are always fire and should be perfect for igniting The Gorge.
  3. Mija – Being one of the most talented female DJs in the industry, Mija holds no prisoners with her hard hitting hip-hop and trap style. I have been wanting to catch a live set from her for a while now, and Paradiso is going to be the perfect place to do it.
  4. Matthew Koma – One of the most recognizable male vocals in EDM thanks to his feature on Zedd’s “Find You” and “Spectrum” while also providing the vocals for RAC’s “Cheap Sunglasses,” Matthew Koma is one of my most anticipated artists to see live. His Soundcloud is full of acoustic tracks that should fit perfectly at Paradiso in the warm summer sun.”
  5. Trippy Turtle – Call him alternative, experimental, or just a bass loving sampler, Trippy Turtle is a breath of fresh air in the copy / paste world of EDM. His tracks are playful while swinging between alternative minimalism and hip-hop trap beats. I can not wait to dance to what will surely be one of the most progressive sets of the entire festival.


Conner Thomas (Seattle, Washington) – contributing editor for Only The Beat


  1. Green Velvet – He is the OG of OGs for house music. He’s been in the industry so long and done so much that I would never pass up an opportunity to see him live
  2. Haywyre – He knows how to make some awesome funky basslines, and he has crazy chops on the piano. Never been to WA before so I can’t miss it.
  3. Wave Racer – His sound is super unique and something you don’t see everyday. I can see generic electro and bass music all day but WR is something special.
  4. Ilan Bluestone – He’s one of Anjunabeats front men right now, and his production skills are amazing. He’s been to WA before but I’ve never seen him, and I’m long overdue.
  5. Arty – I love Arty for his huge, ethereal chords and chiming melody leads in nearly all of his tracks. One of the highlights of last Paradiso for me was hearing Above & Beyond open with his remix of “Hey Now.” Won’t be missing him.

me em


Erik Skoog (Seattle, Washington) – video producer/contributing writer for Only The Beat.


  1. TJR – I’ve been trying to see TJR for like 3 years and something always gets in the way. Not this time.
  2. Big Gigantic – I’m loving this trend of live music mixed with DJing. I got to see them when they were in Seattle for Budweiser event, but that was kind of a weird set up. Excited to see what they bring to a festival.
  3. Skrillex My God, have you seen his Ultra set? What a way to end Paradiso weekend.
  4. Armin van Buuren – The last time I saw Armin (Freaknight 2012) was before I really understood who I was seeing. I’m glad that 2 and a half years later I’ve grown enough thay I can fully appreciate his set.
  5. Pinky Promise – I always get so excited to see my friends up on stage. It’s been fun to watch Paul develop over the time that I’ve known him. I’ll definitely be going in early on Saturday to catch his set. 


Still need help deciding? Check out our Paradiso 2015 Spotify Playlist!

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