#TBT: Foster The People – Coming Of Age (Firebeatz Remix)

firebeatz-coming-of-ageFirebeatz you do me dirty every time! This time they have decided to give away their remix of “Coming Of Age” by Foster The People in our latest #TBT.

This song originally came out earlier this year and was a huge hit. I mean, why wouldn’t it be? Remixing Foster The People is probably one of the smartest decisions that Firebeatz has done in my mind. The remix is so good, I am surprised the two groups haven’t teamed up to create a live dubstep extravaganza. Foster The Beatz? Fire People? Well…that might be a little too much guessing on my part. But I can only hope.

Doesn’t this song remind you of driving down the road, speakers exploding, burning hot sun….and cops? I am just so happy that they decided to give their remix away for a FREE DOWNLOAD! That is huge in my mind. They attribute this to all the love and support they have received from their fans this year. To be honest, I just started listening to Firebeatz back in March and they have been on my top 5 artist ever since.

After taking a listen, I bet you won’t be able to get enough either! Enjoy and happy #TBT!

Foster Of The People- Coming of Age (Firebeatz Remix)

Travis Quick

Travis Quick

Travis Quick graduated from the University of Washington Foster Business School. While his top artists include Madeon, Hardwell and Adventure Club; his true passion is Trap! Travis loves to travel. While on the road, he makes sure to stop by local festivals and shows, however, his heart resides in the Pacific Northwest.
Travis Quick
- 2 weeks ago
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