J.Hanna Brings New Age Rap Vibes with “Flip Phone”

A bouncy and bright synth line combined with smooth bass combines into what can arguably be considered new age rap in J.Hanna‘s latest track “Flip Phone.” After working with some of the biggest and most diverse names in music like Lorine Chia, Kid Cudi, and Gucci Mane, J.Hanna has decided to take on producing beats under his own name. Collaborating with LA-based producer Zquizzy and the Atlanta / Cleveland based rapper Bankie iZ, J.Hanna has combined elements derived from electronic elements, hip-hop and flow, blending each into something fresh and exciting with “Flip Phone.”

Since the launch of his solo career, J.Hanna has found immediate success with tracks such as his “Throw Sum Mo” remix and his King Krule bootleg, “Easy Easy,” both of which have racked up thousands of plays. J.Hanna will continue to release music through the emerging New York City record label Wild Society Records. Download J.Hanna’s latest track,  “Flip Phone” below!

J. Hanna x Zquizzy – Flip Phone (Ft Bankie iZ)

Alex Blake

Alex Blake

Passionate audiophile, shameless gourmand, and attorney, Alex is part of the NYC team holding it down for OTB on the East Coast.
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