Blue Collar’s Inspirational New Tune – Ark!

It’s fall and if you’re from the Pacific Northwest you know exactly what this means. The sun has gone, leaves have fallen, and the kids are back in class; so grab a scarf and a pumpkin spice latte, settle in, and get toasty. Better yet, let Seattle’s own Blue Collar warm you up with their fluffy new piece “Ark.” Like grandma’s fresh baked cookies, every ingredient in this track is packed with love. And best of all, it’s free for download. Check it out:

Blue Collar – Ark (Original Mix)

Complex harmonies, thumping drums, and free-flowing hi-hats create an unforgettable soundscape; transporting you to another world. A world where things aren’t all messed up…a world at peace. The breaks offer a thoughtful pause, as if to say ‘what is real?’ Sweeps and filters lightly bring up our energy as we prepare to face reality. Then the drop comes in, washing away fear and doubt, and replacing it with comfort and euphoria. Simply beautiful.


Over the years, Blue Collar’s Evan James and Oliver Chang have supplied us all with the warmest sounds, glorious compositions worthy of soundtracking the most brilliant sunset. They’ve received massive support from some huge names such as Croatia Squad and AK9. They got their Galantis remix to #2 worldwide and appeared on Wayfloe‘s Montreal podcast Atlantis Radio.

Promising monthly releases, the Blue Collar boys aren’t done yet. Stay tuned for an EP packed with brand new original mixes released via Artist Intelligence Agency before the end of this year!

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