An-ten-nae – Lhasa [FREE DOWNLOAD]

An artist so unique, they had to come up with a new name for his style. That’s what you find when you listen to an-ten-nae. His personal genre is called […]

Is Andy Bianchini the next Madeon?

I’m hearing a lot of complex composition in Andy Bianchini’s productions that remind me of Madeon. This is another amazing aspect of electronic dance music that continues to amaze me […]

10 Tracks to get you Hyped for Summer 2014

Here in the northwest, the sun has begun to show its face, resulting in the sudden appearance of tank tops, sunglasses, birkenstocks without socks, and some of my favorite house […]

Thoughts on Opiuo’s Funky Fresh new album, “Meraki”

“Meraki” is the latest from Opiuo, the self-described “swizzling swunk-o-bass-monk” out of Australia, and one of my personal favorite funk-masters. Opiuo is truly a unique artist, and not just for his glitch-hop […]

The Glitch Mob Is Back and Bringing the Bass!

Love Death Immortality Drops and the World Rejoices The Glitch Mob is back and better than ever with their second album release “Love Death Immortality.” After nearly a four year […]