Dirty Lary Branches out

Known primarily as a techno and tech house DJ/Producer, Dirty Lary has pushed himself out of his comfort zone to create a new Indie Dance sounding EP, We Belong To The Stars. Rather than put the album up for sale on his label, Phunk Junk Records, Lary has generously chosen to make the album available for free download on his soundcloud page as a way to give back to everyone who has supported the Chicago-based artist throughout the years.


As I usually do when writing articles that are outside of the narrow band of music that I usually cover personally, I made it a point to play the music on repeat while writing. I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the EP overall. My favorite track was Alien Dysquo, a laid back tune that would pair nicely with a pool at sunset on a Phoenix themed Pandora station.

Lary’s influences that include Prince, Depeche Mode, and New Order are made abundantly clear at several points along the way. The sounds throughout the album range from 80’s high school prom to Williamsburg cash only bar that let’s people in based on the length of the line rather than the size of the crowd inside that oddly works together perfectly.

My only criticism is that such strong production needs equally strong vocals. When Stars Align, featuring the vocals of Bernie Journey is the only track on the EP to feature the work of a vocalist. When Lary originally approached me about this EP, I asked him two questions:

Is this a one-off? If not, do you plan to work with a vocalist in the future?

“I had a blast making this EP. I enjoyed pushing myself to do something different and unexpected. I plan on straying from my usual path from time to time.

I do enjoy music with vocals if the vocalist and I can meet eye to eye on the project. Vocals give a track a uniqueness that just an instrumental cannot bring to the table, so it’s a matter of finding the right one. Working with Bernie on When Stars Align was a pleasure; and I only want to work with vocalists that mirror that experience.”


Look out for future releases in his Beatport Store that will be announced on his twitter, facebook, and website. A number of his usual fare of Techno and Tech House can be found on his soundcloud page as well.



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