Listen to “Only” by Florida’s Aubergine MACHINE

The beauty about writing for an established site like Only The Beat is the overload of new music you get to hear. While the not so beautiful part is sorting through the good and the bad, I have sorted through it all to give you this gem from the Florida duo Aubergine MACHINE. While you may not have heard of this duo, I am here to change that. Aubergine MACHINE is a collaboration between veteran and multi-platinum selling producer Ian Carey and the rookie (not in a bad way) Shanti Ellis. They formed in 2012 after realizing what they both brought to the table, both having traveled the world and picked up many influences along the way, from old school electronica to present day future bass. If you like that melodic dubstep/indie/hip-hop vibe, then Aubergine MACHINE is perfect for you. It’s tell when a producer creates a track in a day for Soundcloud hits, or has truly mastered the process and consider it their craft. Aubergine MACHINE is clearly the later.

‘Only’ is the first single off the duo’s forthcoming EP ‘Wildlife,’ and the first release since they rebuilt their studio perfect their craft. That’s dedication if you ask me, and I’m sure something that cost a pretty penny. ‘Only’ has that beautiful modern melodic dubstep meets indie synth pop vibe you can listen to in any mood. Whether you’re at the gym, on the train traveling, or just trying to chill out, you can listen to ‘Only.’ We always love a track with beautiful vocals, and ‘Only’ delivers that. The duo has considered their sounds to be compared to the the likes of Flume, Ace of Base, Little Dragon, Lorde, Massive Attack, Amon Tobin and Erykah Badu. And with all of that, we can definitely agree with that. Especially Flume.  You know when you listen to a song and it just makes you reflect and think and wonder about so many things in life, but it always comes back the good times? That’s absolutely what is going on here, and I couldn’t possibly dig it anymore. From the buildup to the perfected synths to the dreamy vocals, we will surely be adding ‘Only’ to our autumn playlist.

Aubergine Machine – ‘Only’


Andrew Tessler

Andrew Tessler

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