Industry Insider: Ysanne Reid of Traxsource

Backstage at Defected Croatia, I ended up chatting with a lovely woman and trading shirts with her. No, not because of any sexy antics, but rather she was wearing a […]

Behind The Beat: Throttle

We caught up with Throttle, aka Robbie Bergin, while supporting Oliver Helden’s North America bus tour. Throttle, along with SNBRN and Zonderling opened for Heldens at Echostage in Washington, D.C. to […]

5 Chicago DJ’s to look out for in 2016

Chicago is at a very interesting crossroads from a style perspective. Although it is the birthplace of House music, most of our founding fathers have sought asylum in Berlin, where […]

What is Your DJ Blog Really About?

Are you hoping to fill up Google results page one with your DJ name? Sure, having your own DJ blog will help. Maybe the search shows your music on Soundcloud. […]

Social Networking For Deejays

So you’ve invested all your savings on the latest dj equipment, spent months learning the craft and have worked tirelessly to break into the deejaying scene. As the door to […]