What A DJ Making 1K A DJ Gig Knows That YOU Don’t

You’re one connection away from getting your first DJ gig. One connection from landing a sweet residency. One connection from getting a DJ gig in the number one dance club in the world. Just one…

Now, sometimes you MEET that one connection. You know it’s right for you. And you know it’s right for them. But for some reason, you NEVER know what the heck to say.

Networking, especially for DJs, can feel forced. Unnatural. Slimy, even.

So when I met influential people like promoters for my career at events or parties and thought, “amazing. I better not screw this up.”

I often times did.

Or other times I’ve been introduced by someone who is close to a promoter and thought “Yea, I’ve got a shot. This could be good!” And I didn’t make it good at all and really blew it.

My negative and fearful thoughts prevented me from connecting to that one person that I needed to take what I’m doing to the next level.

Have you made the same mistake?

If yes, you’ll love the rest of this article. What I’m going to tell you is so simple, it’s often overlooked. It’s a human approach that you can start using to ensure you can connect with people. It’s easy and it takes the sleaze out of networking.

What Is The One Thing Top DJs Know?

Promoters are people too.

They are just like you and me — eat, breathe, sleep (this is non-confirmed) and definitely have a passion for music otherwise they wouldn’t be in this industry either.

Sure they might have about a thousand things going on at any given time like making sure V.I.P. lists are set for the night, artwork for next months fliers are done and down payments for that one hot new DJ out of Timbuktoo aren so they don’t loose him to the club down the street but that doesn’t mean they possess some superhuman powers.

Nor does it mean you’ll have to hide under your covers any longer.

Promoters are just some guy or gal who happen have a career in music.

It’s as simple as that.

So remember next time your palms are getting sweaty because you don’t want to blow your only chance at landing this DJ gig, relax…

grab a beer…

and have a chat about your common passions.

Now, in the comments below share with me what clubs or festivals you are dying to DJ at. (I bet there is a promoter there just waiting to hear from you!)

I like to eat tacos. Someone please send them to Singapore.
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