Morgan Page Talks About The MPP3D Tour, His New Book, and The Creative Process

Not Your Average Producer

Morgan Page is an interesting character in the dance music scene. Well-known throughout the music industry for his status as a Grammy-nominated artist, but lacking the flashy wild boy archetype  the rest of music industry expects see from a successful Electronic Dance Music Producer these days. But nothing Morgan is doing these days seems to fit the mold. For one thing, he happens to be the only person in the world right now touring with a 3D show; which is a feat within itself. But there are so many other things that I was pleasantly surprised to learn about this Vermont native during our interview that separates him from the rest of the EDM production pack.

Some artists are busy partying, Morgan’s writing a book for producers and creative professionals. Some artists take their money from touring and live lavish, Morgan is taking all the money he makes from his 3D tour and investing it right back into the show. I saw two of his shows in two different locations in the span of a week, and the guy doesn’t drink.

“Coffee is the only drug I do” – Morgan Page

He’s a music making, experience creating machine that has the respect of James Cameron and the entire staff working on Avatar 2. And yes, his tour utilizes  the same type of technology. And yes, James Cameron was impressed by Morgan’s rehersal when he decided to check it out for himself.

I’m thrilled to share this interview with you today, as there were a lot of questions I had about Morgan, personally, that I feel like I finally got answers to, such as, when is he going to come out with a new album? But beyond that, I think his personality really shines through in this interview and I’m excited for you guys to get a deeper look into who Morgan is as an artist and even more importantly, as a person.

I went ahead and dropped in his most recent podcast for you to listen to while you read this interview. I hope you enjoy it!

The Interview

OTB: So the biggest thing going on right now, obviously, is the MPP3D Tour. You’re doing 50 stops, bringing a 3D experience to EDM fans all over North America. Was this something that you thought of? Or was this something someone brought to you and said hey Morgan, we want to make you the star of the show?

Morgan: Well you know it’s funny, because the 3D really becomes more of the star, than the DJ. But we’re working on that 😉 Some people came to me and I’ve always wanted to do something different, I’m tired of confetti, cannons, and spraying champagne and booze. They work, but they’re just cheap tricks. I want to be a little more progressive, a little more forward thinking, and this is nice because you kind of, well, you forget where you are, and it pulls you into another world.  But it’s not gimmicky, it’s a vehicle for me to extend what I’m seeing in my head when I’m writing the music and what I’m envisioning; so I composed original music for this, like the intro and outro, actual scoring to the visuals.


OTB: That’s interesting because I was reading your interview with MTV and one of the biggest things you said, pretty much the last thing you said, and something probably most people missed was, “This might change the way I write music”

Morgan: Right, right


OTB: Can you go a little deeper into detail? Because I don’t think many people realize that a lot of time, or at least, I have friends that tell me this, producers are composing music to movie-like scenes they’re seeing in their head. I mean I don’t know if it’s like that for you…

Morgan: When I’m in the studio that doesn’t always happen, but a lot of time there is a landscape I’m seeing, especially when it’s a more melodic, beautiful thing. I think it allows me to play and have more of these beautiful moments and not bang out the whole time in my set, although it’s a very aggressive set. There are orchestral moments, and it’s really just like being in an IMAX. I’m calling it a festival in an IMAX.

But it just changes so much about the experience. Syncing 3D images to the BPM allows us to do so much more within the space. Instead of an object just flashing you can have it move forward, or spin at a certain frequency of speed relative to the song.


OTB: The options are almost limitless.

Morgan: I think you just gave me another idea…I mean this is just the tip of the iceberg. But yea, I think this will change the way I make music because I’ll be able to make music for special shows like these in the future.


OTB: So you see landscapes sometimes when you produce, and I also know that in the actual 3D set you utilize a ton of different 3D landscapes. One second you’re in outer space, then you’re in a forest etc., but is there an overall theme to the entire show?

Morgan:  I wanted there to be a story arch to it, and I don’t want to spoil anything, but let’s just say, the intro foreshadows the end.


OTB: So does that leave room for flexibility in terms of which tracks you want to throw into your set?

Morgan: Ya, ya I can riff, usually I’ll play an encore and the guys in the back will have no idea what I’m playing. Friday night at Nokia I tried out a new remix of In The Air and I have no idea what visuals they played with it because I can’t see them haha. That’s the only downside to this, I don’t get to see it! You, the fans, really have the best seat in the house.

It’s super important that people understand it’s better than they expect, a lot of people have a jaded view of 3D and they haven’t seen 3D like this. Even Michaels Jacksons 3D, which this evolved from, that he was going to use on his last tour, this is better. It’s much crisper, high definition; it costs like 8 million dollars. We didn’t spend that on this, but we’re going all out, and I’m investing every dollar from this tour back into the show.

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