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With summer slowly fading away, at least in the great Pacific Northwest, it’s time to relive one of the best events of the summer… Paradiso 2014!!! Only The Beat was lucky enough to catch up with Audien in Seattle before the festival, and see what he was looking forward to over the weekend. Relive the summer magic one more time…

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OTB: First off, thanks for taking the time away from festival season to chat with us. As we are called Only The Beat, I must begin with: When you hear the word “beat” in a musical sense, what comes to mind?

Audien: “The feeling of the speakers against my body. Always a rush getting tackled by sound waves.”

OTB: What is the essential to your pre-gig routine?

Audien: “Stretching without a doubt, and plenty of fluids in preparation for maximum sweating.”

OTB: When it comes to your musical background, what are some things that most fans may not know about you?

Audien: “I’m a monster Pink Floyd fan!”

OTBIn terms of festivals that you have played, what has been the one that sticks out the most?

Audien: “Oh it’s hard to choose, but this year EDC Mexico was pretty insane. The crowd that day showed so much love – and gave it everything they had.”

OTB: What do you expect to see at Paradiso coming up?

Audien: “The amazing Seattle crowd that I’ve come to know and love. The crowd is sophisticated – they know their music and they appreciate being challenged. I admire that.”

OTB: What do you know about the Gorge and it’s legendary shows with some of the biggest names in music?

Audien: “A couple DJs, this week alone, told me this is their favorite festival and venue hands-down. So, I’m pretty excited. When nature itself adds to the production value of a show – theres nothing better!”

OTB:  With the success of Serotonin, what was it like to work with such a sought after voice like Matthew Koma?

Audien: “Matt is a great guy. He’s a clever lyricist, and has a fantastic pop sensibility. When he sent me the idea over my instrumental, it clicked right away. I knew we had something special.”

OTB: Can you take us through your creative process? What is the ratio of studio to road producing?

Audien: “Melody is king for me. It starts with a great melodic line, or an interesting chord progression, and everything else is built around that. I love working in my home studio, but the reality of my life is – I need to work a lot on the road to keep new music moving. I don’t mind though – some great inspiration can come out of traveling to new places.”

OTB: It has been said that the producer is the composer, and the DJ is the conductor? Can you have one without the other?

Audien: “I consider myself a producer first and foremost, that’s where I’m closest to the music and that’s what I love. DJing is a way for me to share the music and draw inspiration from crowds. I’ll agree that each one teaches me something about the other.”

OTB: Not a question per say… but do you think you will explore the Gorge, and walk around and be out in the crowd for one of your favorite acts? Speaking of which, who would you want to see at Paradiso?

Audien: “Hell yeah – I want to take it all in. I’ve got a meet & greet planned to hang out with fans too; always love to do that. To answer your final question … you know I’m always down for a little Above & Beyond.”

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