Trap Tuesday Interview w/ Slander – The creators of Heaven Trap

Welcome to this week’s Trap Tuesday! This week is all about Slander!

If you haven’t heard of these two where have you been! Scott and Derek better know as Slander (a trap duo out of Los Angeles) have been killing stages at festivals all summer, most notably Moonrise and Nocturnal Wonderland. I was lucky enough to get an interview in with these guys and even had the chance to include some questions from fans! So if you’re a fan of Slander and want to know more about what they’re like, read on!

OTB: How did you come up with the name Slander?

Slander: It’s our real names combined. Derek Andersen + Scott Land = Slander

OTB: Do you think growing up in the Los Angeles area has impacted your style of production?

Slander: Completely, the sound we have is totally based off of LA hip-hop and LA edm.

OTB: How did you guys create Heaven Trap?

Slander: Heaven Trap kinda stemmed from our background with trance, which is how we first got exposed to EDM. We saw the connection that acts like Above and Beyond had with their fans and wanted to try and recreate that in the trap realm.

OTB: Brilliant. What has been the best thing a fan has told you or given you at a concert or festival?

Slander: Michael Tretola told us that we changed his life. When he was going through a rough spot, he said he would listen to our heaven trap edits to give him peace of mind. Something like that really inspires us to keep doing what we are doing.

OTB: What was it like playing at Nocturnal Wonderland 2014?

Slander: 3 words… DREAMS COME TRUE

OTB: Who are your biggest music influences?

Slander: Lunice, GTA, Rustie

OTB: What has been the best part of 2014 so far?

Slander: Playing Mainstage at Nocturnal.

OTB: If you weren’t producing music what would you guys be doing?

Slander: Regular jobs.. regular stuff

OTB: Who are some producers you would want to collab with?

Slander: Our dream collab is with TNGHT! Other than that, definitely DJ Snake.

OTB: How did you get into producing music?

Slander: We had a few mentors when we started.. but we kinda just learned as we made tracks with others. Then after we completed our schooling at Icon Collective our productions were about 400% better.

OTB: Assassination Tour Part 3?

Slander: Maybe a new tour 😉

OTB: What’s next for Slander?


Questions from fans

Miguel G. asks “Can I get an autograph?”.

Slander: DUH, email us

Nicole Z. asks “Do you guys use Tinder?”.


Bret W. asks “Advice for someone who wants to become a producer?”.

Slander: Find like minded people, other producers, work together… build a network.

So there you go! If Slander comes to your town I really suggest you see these guys because they always put on a great show. Also be on the lookout for new originals, remixes (most of their remixes are available for FREE DOWNLOAD) and maybe a new tour!

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