Behind The Beat: Drunken Kong with Exclusive Track Premiere

Drunken Kong is D. Singh and DJ Kyoko- and they are bringing some beautiful techno. This is definitely an up-and-coming duo, and we chatted with them to talk about their new album, The Signs Within, and about their new track we are premiering here at Only The Beat.

Only The Beat: You started Drunken Kong in 2010 – tell us the story of how you met.

Drunken Kong:We first met at a friends party in Tokyo.  I was the DJ and Kyoko came over to ask what track I was playing.  From there we started chatting and we really got a long.  This then eventually led to us working together.

OTB: Working as partners can be both very rewarding and very difficult. What you each of you find as the best thing about working together? What is the most difficult? 

Drunken Kong: The best thing about working together is that there are two creative minds.  This synergy can create things that are amazing and for sure, we can’t do alone.

The most difficult for us is when we have very different views on a track.  In this type of situation, we just try out both ideas to see which actually sounds better 😉

OTB: You are based in Tokyo. What tips would you give someone visiting for their first time, especially with electronic music venues and culture?

Drunken Kong: There is always something going on in Tokyo.  Whether you want to go shopping, go to a bar or club.  Things are open 24/7 there.  There are many cool venues such as WOMB, VENT, SANKEYS TOKYO, and OATH, just to name a few.  OATH is a great place to go any time since the place is open everyday with great music.

OTB: Outside of Tokyo, what have been some of your favorite shows/sets around the world? 

Drunken Kong: We enjoy all our gigs but definitely some to remember were Barraca in Valencia, Sisyphos in Berlin, City Hall in Barcelona and Arkham in Shanghai.

OTB: Who are the top 3 artists who inspire you?

Drunken Kong: Christian Smith, Pig & Dan and Victor Ruiz but so many others too!!!

OTB: After 4 well-received EP’s you’re releasing your debut album, The Signs Within, on June 19th. What motivated you to create a full album? What was the process like? 

Drunken Kong: We always wanted to create an album.  We were just waiting for the right time to do this. We were learning more and more on the production side everyday so we felt that we were better able to express our ideas.

The process was very simple.  We just went with the flow.  It was like a journey for us creating this album.  We had no direction or concept in the beginning, we started to make tracks with different feelings.  We felt that if there was a concept, this could potentially block our creativity.  We just expressed whatever came out at the time.  As we moved forward, we started to see the direction and concept of the album.

OTB: Your album is coming out on Tronic, Christian Smith’s label. You met on a trip of his to Tokyo. How did that come about, and how did that evolve to releasing an album on Tronic? 

Drunken Kong: We have always been a big fan of Christian Smith and his label Tronic.  We played so much of his music that it was always one of our goals to release on the label.  This finally came true when we met Christian during his gig in Tokyo where we introduced ourselves and had a great chat about random things. We told him that we produce music and sent him a demo a couple of weeks later, which then became our first EP 🙂

A dream come true moment for us!!!

OTB: We’re exclusively premiering your track “Perfect Dominance” from The Signs Within. Tell us about your thoughts when creating this track. 

Drunken Kong: This track, personally is one of our favorites from our recent production.  We wanted to make something with depth but also driving at the same time.  We just played around in the studio looking for that one sound to start the track and this was the arp synth pattern.  After this, things went so smoothly that the track was done in a few hours.  Our favorite kind of situation where everything just came together very naturally.

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