Relive Your Childhood And Ultra With This Remix Of Animals

If you were paying attention to UMF at all this year, you probably heard about Deadmau5’s set when he covered for Avicii. Filled with a lot of Deadmau5’s new music and techno vibes, the Mau5 got a lot of flak when during his set he dropped a seemingly troll version of Martin Garrix’s Animals. Well now you can relive that moment and groove to the Old MacDonald version of Animals whenever you want. Based on the hate Animals gets, we may be seeing this remix dropped more often after it got such wide spread attention. Check out the full track below and let us know if you think Deadmau5 was in the wrong for playing such a song when he was filling in for another headliner at such a prestigious event.

Martin Garrix vs McMaNGOS – Animals (Dan Moura Old MacDonald Edit) [Animals Mario Bros Description]

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Matthew Jager
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Matthew Jager
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