Pitbull Teams Up Ripstar & Nyanda on ‘Keep Me Up All Night’

I have always had a soft spot for Pitbull. Give Me Everything came out when I first started getting into dance music, and more often than not, I’ll indulge and let Pitbull’s latest banger to get me amped. The Ripstar-produced “Keep Me Up All Night” is no different.

Already a mesmerizing tune by its own standards, blending the genres of contemporary pop, dance music and elements of Jamaican spirits, the record got fired up into a destined party favorite. In a production line that harkens to Major Lazer’s recent compositions with bold, dareisay Rihanna-esque vocals from the talented Kingston-born artist Nyanda (1/2 of Pop/Reggae Duo Brick & Lace), “Keep me up all Night” exceeds expectations.

Ripstar was recently launched as a special project by Stephen Singer (aka Lotus) and Rico Bernasconi. As Singer put it, “[‘Keep Me Up All Night’] came about after a meeting of creativity, combining musical forces of Rico Bernasconi, Nyanda and myself. [It] is the perfect kickoff for Ripstar, a most promising music project we are happy to launch!”

As the track builds, the sudden addition of an eighties-era bass tone catches the listener off-guard, propelling them into a funky, dance experience and straight into the throngs of an energy-packed Friday night.

The chorus draws in heavily layered vocal samples, each one building off the other before Grammy-winning Miami sensation Pitbull brings the heat with his energetic vocals to send the track into full throttle.

Ripstar & Nyanda feat. Pitbull – Keep Me Up All Night

Although the pop star’s lyrics aren’t exactly far-reaching and complex, they nonetheless bring a level of flair to the piece that only Pitbull is capable of.

One of the best parts about this tune? You can start, finish, or re-ignite the pregame to get the party going.

With Pitbull’s latest album Climate Change just having dropped on October 28th, his live tour is planned to stop several times in Miami and throughout Florida leading into 2017.

Stay up to date on each artist and their upcoming projects

Ripstar: Facebook | Twitter 

Pitbull:  Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Nyanda: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud



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