New York City born and Detroit based, singer and songwriter Josh Tobias has experienced a career defining summer last yeaer after releasing ‘Beachside Lover.’ Since then, the record has amassed nearly 1 million plays across Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube, awakening Josh’s brand in the minds of independent and major publishers and labels. The only fathomable next step was a follow-up hit to prove he’s not a one hit wonder and can keep his newfound stardom alive (no pun intended). Josh spoke on the pressures of releasing a second track after such success with the debut single,  “Ask any emerging artist that experiences a taste of virility and they will tell you that sophomore single is most important.”  Josh adds, “I’m confident this next single will continue to build on the impact I’ve made within the industry.”



‘Keep Us Alive’ is a soulful and inspiring dance production that sounds reminiscent of a Daft-Punk hardwood classic. Inspired to write the record after listening to bands like Chic and Earth, Wind & Fire, ‘Keep Us Alive’ is a joyous feel-good jam that juxtaposes the adverse storytelling lyricism.  We love the nu-disco tropical house sound (especially during the summer), and can’t wait to pump this late night with the volume up and the windows down.  Written through the perspective of a man heartening the attitude of a lady, the applications of ‘Keep Us Alive’ are endless. Through thick and thin, trials and tribulations, the message is clear — love is the fuel that keeps us all alive. You should definitely hop on the Tobias train now, because Josh has a bright future ahead of him.


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Andrew Tessler

Andrew Tessler

New York native living in San Diego. I love anything that makes me dance, which I do way too aggressively.
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