MMXJ Releases His Melodic Debut LP “Into The Wild”

Just released through Warner Music Singapore is the fantastically produced debut LP from Singapore-based producer MMXJ. Currently working within progressive house, this self-taught artist is gifted across the whole musical […]

Morning Sun – Corey James & Joakim Molitor

Corey James is back with a huge progressive anthem, “Morning Sun” along with the Swedish up-and-comer, Joakim Molitor. The duo are releasing said track on Feenixpawl & Jason Forte’s Eclypse Records, […]

Behind the Beat: You&Me

New York-based duo You&Me have released some pretty incredible remixes so far in their career. It’s also quite possible their latest remix of  Kolaj’s ‘The Touch’ which is out today […]

Behind the Beat: Lost Kings

There are times when you come across two incredibly nice and extremely talented people in this crazy industry. And when you do, you do not miss the opportunity to talk […]

Mainstage is Brian Austin ’s Wildest Dream

Welcome to Brian Austin’s Wildest Dreams. No, it’s not a remix of Taylor Swift’s radio hit, it’s a new original from newcomer Brian Austin featuring vocals from Nicole Camarro. A […]

Au5 and Fiora are Our Guardians

October may be bringing cooler weather (unless you live in the Midwest), but have no fear, Au5 is here to warm our body up with new track “Guardians.” After releasing […]

Helena Legend Is Back On Ultra With A Bang

Bringing her sounds back to Ultra Music this week is the undisputed queen of progressive house, Helena, who has just rebranded herself as Helena Legend. She brings to the table […]

OLWIK Shows Musical Talent With Avicii Cover

OLWIK‘s name has been mentioned a few times on OTB before with amazing remixes of tracks like ‘Glorious‘ and ‘Shake The Earth‘, but he still may not be a name […]