#TBT: Eyes on Fire (Zeds Dead Remix) – Blue Foundation

This week, I bring you a throwback of grand proportions with this epic remix of Zeds Dead’s remix of “Eyes on Fire” by Blue Foundation.  I’ve always been a fan of melodic, haunting, female vocals being complimented with heavy, overpowering bass undertones (which of course this track has). but Zeds Dead has taken this production to a new domain, adding in an extra level of electronic ambient tones that turn this bassy audio experience into a soothing one.  What I love most about this track is that even though I have been listening to it for years, it never seems to get old.

I think it is rare in EDM these days that a track truly sticks around for more than a couple of months. With each producer trying to one-up each other with each new release as well as continually redefining their sounds in order to provide the crowd with a genre they have never heard of, I find sometimes that all the new releases start blending in with one another. With “Eyes on Fire,” this is not the case.

According to an interview with Zeds Dead from UKF, when discussing this song they mentioned:

“We still play it now. It’s one of the tunes that people kind of expect us to play. We’ve done some re-edits, remixes and VIPs of it over the years… We’ve got to keep it interesting after playing at almost every show for four years! No matter how we change it, as long as it’s got a similar drop and the vocal is in there then people still go crazy.”

Zeds Dead explores a diverse variety of genres that amalgamate aspects of electro house, hip-hop, glitch, and drum and bass into their largely dubstep platform. Frequent collaborator, rapper Omar Linx, has worked with the duo on several occasions, producing two EPs together as a trio. Zeds Dead tours in extensive fashion and they are significant components of the live music and festival circuits.

My favorite description of the duo, is quoted on their Facebook page from a moment they had back a couple of years ago – they set the scene as:

“It’s 2009 and hip hop is in a coma. Hooks and DC are about to have an epiphany that will change everything. They thirst for something new. They want to make people move to their sounds and not just bob their heads, but to grind, heave, shiver, stomp, and dance to their music. They want to capture the ecstasy and comradery of house, the heart pummeling thrill of Drum and Bass, the beauty of ambient music, and the heaviness of electro – all in one sound. They want to push boundaries.”

As stated above, Zeds Dead has continued to push boundaries, and make a name of themselves in the industry with each and every new track they release. Their old tracks are just as diverse and amazing as their new productions and it doesn’t seem like they will be stopping anytime soon. Every performance I have witnessed live has been unforgettable and I can’t wait to see what these boys have in store for us in the future.

If they are playing in your area over the next couple of months, be sure to catch them live – you will not be disappointed. Happy listening, my friends!



Our resident Dubstep Queen, Sophia resides in San Francisco where she likes to keep things as bass filled as possible.
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