Louis Futon Delivers Outstanding Bass-Fueled Self-Titled EP

With popular remixes of Wiz Khalifa, Mos Def, and Future & Kanye, Louis Futon knew that his next move would be a monumental one. To evolve his development as a musician, the future-fusion producer took to 2015 to release his self-titled EP to show fans his various musical talents.

The EP revolves around four unique originals and three remixes by fellow bass producers Kill Paris, Kasbo, and Tijani. His four originals – “Silk,” “Take Off,” “Sir Rock,” and “DRNUK,” – all carve their own alcove in the bass space, but maintain commonalities of elegant synth blasts, glitchy undertones, and silky smooth melodies.


The Louis Futon EP is now available for free download at louisfutonbeats.com, but will also be on iTunes, Spotify, and Beatport on February 2nd.



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- 4 days ago
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