We will never forget that night and we’re born to rage

My story might be a little corny but I just to share with everyone. I love EDM and I have been listen the music since I was 19. I’m 23 now. I have to thank to the production of Light All Night because if I wouldn’t attend to the concert in 2012 wouldn’t meet my other half.


He is a Navy guy come home from holiday leave. We’re both think it mean for us to met because both of us were only buy ticket for the 1st night. For some reason, I want to go for the last day of Light All Night on NYE. Then almost the count down time start, he walked toward me where I stand in the crowd with his cool led glass that attract my attention. Then we’re start the conversation and we also some born in the same month same year only 5 days apart. We just recently celebrate our 1 year anniversary. We go to every EDM concert together for past year. Thank for the music that bring us closer and closer…

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We will never forget that night and we’re born to rage.

born to rage

-Quyen N.


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