Your Story: From Pregames To Pretty Lights

‘EDM’ is defined as ‘Electronic Dance Music,’ but those three words do not do this lifestyle justice and never will. Dance music has transcended into a world wide stage the past few years and for good reasons. I want to share with you my first experience that really got me hooked into the scene, and got me to understand what ‘PLUR’ really meant.

I went to school at The University At Albany in upstate New York. This was quite a diverse city, with with the campus uptown, the “student ghetto” where juniors and seniors lived, and the capital building area, with all the clubs and more upscale nightlife. I had grown up on hip-hop and a little bit of dance music, with the likes of Eminem and Jay-Z, and Tiesto and Armin. When I went to school in 2008 the culture leaned way more towards rap and hip-hop, but as the months went by you could see the shift into dance music taking place. My friends and I used to pregame with a power hour from Electronica Oasis which slowly started to get them into dance music as well.

Let’s skip two years and go to 2010. A new venue that catered to EDM and hip-hop called the Washington Avenue Armory opened, and it’s capacity was around 2500 people. We were STOKED and didn’t care who played. I had never really been to an electronic show of that magnitude in relation to size of the venue, but was ready for a change. The Armory announced Pretty Lights would be playing in November 2010, and we all decided to grab tickets. I knew Pretty Lights’ major tracks, but really got into everything right before the show. Everyone at school was talking about it, with it being the first of it’s kind in the Capital Region. Finally the night came, we got in a cab and went to the venue. There were people EVERYWHERE dressed up in neon clothes, hula-hooping, glovers putting on LED shows to patrons, and more. I knew this scene was special.

We entered the venue and everyone was so happy; dancing as one, having the time of their lives. Everything else in day to day life was so minuscule for the next few hours…and that’s true beauty. I met so many people, including my future girlfriend to “Finally Moving” – a track that will always be in my head (for good and bad). The people I met were my rave buddies for the next few years, and we would travel to shows all over the Northeast to escape life. There were no fights, no dirty looks, just Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect – what EDM is really all about.


After this show, I was hooked forever.




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