Paradiso Festival Thunder & Lightning

I could tell you about the time my roommate’s haircut got us backstage with Lil’ Jon, but that wouldn’t be my story. I could tell you about my travels to […]

Just follow the river…

Berlin October 2014. After being convinced by some of my hostel mates that there was no way in hell that I was going to get into Berghain, I embarked alone […]

Lost and Found: Together Through Music

When I was 10 my parents gave me a little black AM/FM radio. No CD deck, no cassette player, just a simple black radio with two tuning wheels, half an […]

A Million Strangers, We Move As One

Electronic dance music culture is what keeps ravers like me hooked. No matter who you are or what you look like you are cordially invited to the party, and everyone […]

I remember my first rave…

I remember my first rave. That’s not sarcasm. I really do. It was Lucky 2012 in Seattle. I remember going only to see Calvin Harris and not even being aware […]

An unconventional love affair with EDM

I fell in love with electronic music in a particularly unconventional manner. (press play) In December 2012, I attended Lights All Night in Dallas, TX. It was my first EDM […]

Dear Diplo: The Music Isn’t Enough

The music is not enough.   I have loved EDM more than any other music since I was eleven. Coming from a small town where the radio plays nothing but […]

Why “waste” money on festivals?

…a theory based on the perspectives of a 90’s child P.S., I highly recommend listening to this track while reading. Allen & Envy and Allen Watts definitely allow listeners to […]