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EDM has a way of bringing people together like no other genre of music. We become friends for life over something as simple as the beat of a drum. We meet our significant others at shows. We play EDM at our weddings. We judge the character of random people we meet based on their depth of EDM knowledge.

We at OTB recognize that EDM has played a special/vital role in each one of your lives, ours included. We also realize that with your love and passion for EDM, each one of you has a special memory or story that represents what EDM means to you. Whether it was the first track you heard, the story about your first rave, or just a crazy fucking night you’ll never forget with your best friends. That being said, we’ve set out to create a place online for you to share these stories and experiences with the world, anonymously.

We want to paint a true picture of what the EDM scene is like, written by the people who know it best, you, the fans. And we want it to be real, which is why your stories will remain anonymous (if you choose), so you don’t have to worry about your boss stumbling across the story about the craziest night of your life. Then again, we also encourage you to post stories of love, compassion, and beauty that you have uncovered through your experiences with electronic dance music. We want this to become a place where anyone can come to share their stories and become (re)inspired by others. So what are you waiting for? Submit your story below.


Stories will get posted on the blog as featured posts and blasted out through our social media! We will not change anything you submit. Share your story now! 

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